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Retainers are not active braces and will not align your teeth, instead they’ll simply hold your teeth in their current position. Retainers are incredibly important after a course of orthodontic treatment, without them, your teeth will move.

There are options of removable retainers or fixed retainers. Your orthodontist will advise which is the best solution for you. Every patient will have a removable retainer and some will be recommended to have both fixed and removable.

Retainer options:

  • Essix Retainers: these are a popular retainer which looks like a clear plastic aligner. They’re easy to wear and fit comfortably over the teeth. Most patients find them easy to use
  • Hawley Retainers: these are a traditional style appliance with a plastic base. It will clip into place with a thin wire over the front teeth to hold the teeth aligned
  • Lingual/Fixed Retainers: fixed discretely to the inside surfaces of your teeth. One advantage is therefore that it’s always working to keep your smile maintained. We will always provide a removable retainer which we recommend is worn once a week to prevent movement of the back teeth
  • Vivera Retainers: 30% stronger than the leading clear retainer material, this transparent retainer is manufactured by Invisalign. Whether you’ve used Invisalign aligners or fixed braces, you can benefit from Vivera Retainers

Keep your smile straight
Don’t forget, you will need to wear a retainer following any kind of treatment with braces to keep those straight teeth in line.

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